Say “I Miss You”: Dandelion Painting Using Watercolors

When words are not simply enough, send an “I Miss You” message with a dandelion painting using watercolors. 

This simple and sweet activity is also a great way to develop kids’ creative kindness and affection. 

Chime in!

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The Beauty of Watercolor Painting

Picture of child's hand painting with watercolor

Watercolor painting is a fun and easy activity for kids.

It may look simple, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.

We’ll start with some basic watercolor techniques and along the way, you’ll learn some cool tricks and the value of patience.

Here's an easy step-by-step guide crafted for kids and for all ages!

Ready. Paint. Go!



Step 1. Make the dandelions.

White crayon traced on the dandelion stalks.

Step 2. Trace the dandelions with a white crayon or a birthday candle.

White crayon traced on the dandelion stalks.

Step 3. Dip your brush into a bowl of water and lightly brush your paper to create a thin layer of water.

A color horizon of yellow, blue, and red painted for the background.

Step 4. Create a color horizon for the background.

Dandelion seeds drawn atop the heads. Names were written beside each seed.

Step 5. Make a dandelion seed for every person that you miss and write their name next to their seed.


When you are finished, take a picture of your painting and send it to the people you miss!

Tips for art-mazing success


  • Do not wet your brush too much! This will greatly affect your painting and the quality of your paper.
  • Use napkins or paper towels if needed to remove any paint from your brush.
  • Explore other hues for the color horizon.

Check out these heartwarming I MISS YOU paintings by our young artists at the Creativity School!

Have you already given your handmade painting to the person you miss? Share your story below. 

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