How to Make A Forest Paper Collage

Looking for some simple craft activity that kids can do? A forest paper collage is a great one. 

Paper collage is all about cutting or tearing papers into various shapes and sizes for pasting and assembling. It helps kids build their fine motor skills and awareness of different colors and textures. 

Let's start and create a playful and colorful work of art!

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Learn how to make a collage at Creativity School!

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How to Make a Forest Paper Collage (Overview)

Graphic image showing tiny triangles and blue round-shaped paper scattered on a brown background.

It's time to put those papers to good use and create some fantastic art that we'll love even more. 

Collage art is open-ended, and we're free to use any materials to create a unique artwork. It is simple to make, and you can do it at your own pace and time. 

Sit and create together with your child. You can talk about what they're doing or ask questions like, “I love how you turn this blue paper into a lake!” or “This will be nice to hang on our wall.”. This will improve their imagination and let them have a feel of what they're creating. 

Collage also teaches them to be resourceful and builds confidence that anything they make is lovely and perfect. 

Watch the full video tutorial below.


  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Green paper
  • Light blue paper
  • Dark green paper
  • Brown crayon
  • Blank sheet of paper
Graphic image of different colors and types of paper compiled together.

Step 1. Get the needed papers and your paper collection ready!

Graphic image of a blue paper with lake outline and scissors

Step 2. On blue paper, draw a lake outline, then cut.

Graphic image of a blue paper cutout glued on a brown paper.

Step 3. Paste the lake cutout on top of a blank sheet of paper.

You can use white bond paper, or you can choose any color you want.

Graphic image of a green paper with mountain outline and cutouts.

Step 4. On green colored paper, draw a mountain outline, then cut.

You can cut to a curve the bottom part to style.

Graphic image of a blue and green paper cutout glued on a brown paper.

Step 5. Paste the mountain cutout on top of the lake.

Graphic image of green, yellow, and brown papers cut into tiny triangles.

Step 6. Cut a lot of small triangles in varying sizes on any paper that you like. These will be the trees in our forest collage.

An easy way to cut the triangles is by moving your pair of scissors alternately through the paper.  You can use different colored papers or use specialty papers with unique designs.

graphical representation of triangle paper cutouts glued on the collage paper

Step 7. Arrange and paste all the triangle cutouts on your collage.

You can arrange the trees on your collage any way you want.

Beautiful forest collage with a green mountain range, trees of varying colors, and a blue lake in the middle

Step 8. Using a brown marker, draw small straight lines for the tree trunks.

Draw wave patterns on the lake with a white pencil crayon, or you can add objects you like for a beautiful finish!

Tips for art-mazing success

  • This fun and simple activity need the use of scissors. TAKE EXTRA CARE while handling them or ask help from your parents or guardian.
  • If you don't have the art supplies or the paper colors needed, you IMPROVISE! Collage is also about being RESOURCEFUL!
  • It's okay to get messy! It's part of our learning!
  • Don't throw away papers! You can use them in creating other collage next time. 

Check out some special and colorful creations by our young artists at the Creativity School.

Here's how I added simple fishes drawing to our artwork.

paper collage of forest with lake in the middle and a girl and boy tourist
Paper collage of forest with lake in the middle, a bus on the lower-right, and a 'Welcoming forest' message at the bottom
paper collage of trees made of triangles in varying sizes and colors
paper collage of forest with lake in the middle with fishes inside, and a sun on the upper right side.

Forest collages crafted at Creativity School by R (top-left), Khaia (top-right), L (bottom-left), and Paris (bottom-right)

Share your beautiful forest collage in a comment below!

If you enjoy this collage activity, try other collage art ideas below.

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