Lunar New Year Craft: How to Draw a Dragon for Kids in 7 Easy Steps

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Today, we're gonna share with you how to draw a dragon as part of celebrating Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is one of those fun holidays that kids of all ages enjoy! 

If you're looking for something fun to do, drawing dragons is a fun activity!

Grab your pencils and let’s go!

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What is Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)?

Chinese New Year, or more popularly known as Lunar New Year, is a very special festival celebrated by millions across China, Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries all over the world.

Traditional ceremonies are held to welcome the upcoming year with good luck, good fortune, and happiness.  

This 16-day celebration is a great opportunity for families and friends to celebrate together.

When is the Lunar New Year in 2021?

The Lunar New Year usually lasts for 16 days, from the New Year’s Eve celebration to the Lantern Festival. 

This 2021, the celebration of the Lunar New Year will begin on Thursday, February 11, and will last until Friday, February 26.

How to greet someone a Happy Lunar New Year?

A common practice for attracting positivity, good health, and good wealth is to wish someone a Happy Lunar New Year.

Xinnian Kuaile (Happy New Year), Gong Xi Fa Cai (Wishing you Mandarin prosperity), and Kung Hei Fat Choi (Wishing you Cantonese prosperity) are wonderful ways to greet a “Happy New Year” and spread happiness and good fortune.

What are some activities for the Lunar New Year?

Lunar New Year is an important tradition celebrated on good luck, good fortune, and happiness. 

Different regions all over the world have unique ways of celebrating it. But Lunar New Year is all about family reunions, foodies, fireworks, dancing dragons, and many more!

Now that we know some fun facts about Lunar New Year, let's go and start drawing our dragon!

How To Draw A Dragon 

Drawing dragons are perfect for Chinese New Year! Let’s get started!


  • 1 White sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser


A sketched form of a dragon using a circle and a rectangle connected with a curved line.

Step 1. Draw the head and the body.

For the body, draw a downward rectangle and a circle for the head. 

Connect the two shapes with a line of curves extending towards the tail.

A sketched form of a dragon with the limbs and the jaw.

Step 2. Draw the arms, legs, and claws.

For the arms, draw two small rectangles. 

For the legs, draw two bent rectangles  

For the hands and feet, draw a circle and add three triangles for the claws

A sketched form of a dragon with limbs and jaws.

Step 3. Draw the jaw.

For the snout, draw a circle and connect it to the head to make the upper jaw. Use curve lines to for the lower jaw.

A sketched form of a dragon with limbs, jaws, ears, and an eye.

Step 4. Add the eyes and the ears.

A sketched form of a dragon with two wings.

Step 5. Add the wings.

For the wings, add two big triangles at the back. 

For the lower flap, use curved lines, then draw straight lines for the dragon bones on the inside.

Connecting lines erased from the sketched form of the dragon.

Step 6. Erase the connecting lines to make a hollowed body.

Step 7. Add details – scales, scary eyes,  and fire-breathing power!

Did you enjoy drawing your lion? Draw some more and make your own dragon parade at home!

Tips for art-mazing success

  • Color your dragons! 🐉
  • You can add details in the background like fireworks and lanterns. 
  • Explore with your dragon. You can cut your drawing and paste it in cardboard to make a dragon puppet or simply make it a bookmark!

Lion Dance Story Craft

lion dance story craft is another fantastic activity for kids to do to celebrate this fun festival!

It’s so simple! Here are the steps:

Step 1. Cut out a long strip of red construction paper and fold the strip into an accordion. 
Step 2. Print out your favorite lion head from here and color it. 
Step 3. Glue the head to the tail of the red accordion. 
Step 4. Finally, tape a popsicle stick to the back of the lion’s head and another one to the other side. 

Now you have your own lion at home to play with! 

If your child is a bit older, they can also be creative and write their own story to go with it!

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Teach kids about Chinese New Year with these awesome books!

Have a very Happy Lunar New Year!

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