How to Make a Bird Pop Up Friendship Card

Celebrate friendship by making a pop up friendship card.

Doing arts and crafts is a wonderful way of teaching creative kindness to our little ones.

Not only will this engage them with hands-on fun, but it will also impart them with life skills to share, care for, and build long-lasting relationships.

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Celebrate friendship and creative kindness at Creativity School!

Let’s celebrate and enjoy diversity and friendship with your kids and enhance their creative potential this 2021!

Our award-winning artists give away free LIVE art classes from the Creativity School. 

Create fun and crafts like collages, animations, pop up cards, and much more!

The Magic of Pop Up Cards

Artworks Courtesy of Emma Q. (6 years old) from the Creativity School

Giving cards is a special way to connect with your friends and loved ones and say,

“Hey, I am thankful for having you around” or,

To reach out to someone and say, “I am here for you, and our friendship is for keeps.”

And nothing beats the wonderful feeling of receiving and opening a handmade pop up card. 

Pop up may seem complicated, but it is actually easy and fun to make. It is also a cool hands-on craft project to do with your kids and great for any occasion!

Here's a simple step-by-step guide crafted for kids and for all ages!

Ready. Craft. Cut!



Step 1 showing a cut paper in half, then folded.

Step 1. Make the base of our pop up card.

Fold the colored construction paper on the longer side (any color you want) and cut it along the crease.

Fold one of the halves again, and keep the other one.

Step 2 showing a bird drawn on the middle of the paper.

Step 2. Sketch your main bird.

On the middle crease, draw a diamond outline (inner fold vertically facing you) to where you want the beak to be placed.

Play with assorted shapes to draw our main bird's body.

Draw googly eyes, beautiful wings, and little feet!

Step 3 showing how to cut the bottom beak, then pushed to the front for pop up effect.

Step 3. Let’s make the beak pop up.

Trace and cut the bottom part of the beak from the other side of the paper. 

To achieve the pop-up effect, push from the back, then pinch the crease.

Step 4 showing the card with the colored main bird and 4 other birds around it.

Step 4. Decorate the card by drawing more birds and color them.

Step 5. Glue your card on a colored paper for a beautiful finish!

Abracadabra! Here’s our fluffy bird friendship card!

Tips for art-mazing success:


  • Making pop up cards requires a pair of scissors, so TAKE EXTRA CARE while handling, or seek the supervision of an adult. ✂️❗
  • You can use a marker to highlight your bird drawings.
  • You can add different shapes and other elements in the background or just simply write a sweet message.
  • Make each one of your friends a pop up card!

Check out some cheerful bird pop up cards crafted by our young artists at the Creativity School!

Three different bird pop up friendship card from students at the Creativity School
Artworks from left to right by Danielle S. (top-left), Miya S. (top-right), and Reya M. (bottom), from Creativity School

Share the love and laughter with your friends. Leave a comment below if you enjoy making friendship cards. 

We are your biggest fan and forever friend here at Creativity School!

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