Easy Step-by-Step Guide: How To Draw A Cheerful Bunny Rabbit for Easter

Learn with your kids how to draw a cheerful bunny rabbit with this easy step-by-step guide!

It’s Easter and Springtime again! Kids are all excited with new beginnings and the start of a joyful season.

Here’s a simple and fun activity that is perfect for kids to do this Easter holiday!

Grab your pencil and paper, and let’s start!

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What is an Easter Bunny?

Easter bunny and eggs on a sunny day

The Easter bunny is one of the famous Easter symbols and traditions, especially to kids. This widespread tradition alongside the main Easter event has been celebrated since Medieval times.

As its legend goes, the Easter bunny visits all the gardens where kids have prepared empty nests.

The bunny would fill each of the nests with colorful Easter eggs and yummy chocolates and candies, for the kids to find on Easter morning.

No one was lucky enough to see the Easter bunny, while the Easter eggs appear in the dozens!

Let's draw an Easter Bunny Rabbit!

Bunnies are cute and cuddly creatures, and they’re also fun to draw!

Here are simple step-by-step guides perfectly crafted for kids and for all ages!

Ready. Set. Draw!


  • 1 White sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser


I. Little Bunny

A circle on top of an oval

Step 1. Draw the head and the body.

Use a circle for the head, and an oval for the body.

outline of bunny's body with a circle, ovals, and curved rectangle.

Step 2. Draw the arms and legs.

Use a curved rectangle for the arms and ovals for the legs.

outline of bunny's body with hands and feet

Step 3. Draw the hands and feet.

Use two small circles for the hands, and narrow and long rectangles for the feet.

outline of bunny's body with ears and a muzzle

Step 4. Draw the ears and the muzzle.

Use elongated ovals for the ears and a circle for the muzzle.

sketch of a smiling bunny

Step 5. Draw the bunny’s face.

completed bunny drawing

Step 6. Add details and erase inside lines for a clean finish.

Draw the inside part of the ears, the round belly, curved feet, and a fluffy tail.

II. Brother Bunny

They have the same shapes but brother bunny is longer and has a smaller head. Follow the numbered graphic instructions below.

Tips for art-mazing success

  • Add life to your easter bunnies by coloring them any way you want!
  • Draw Easter eggs for your Easter bunnies 💪

Here are other awesome easter bunny crafts created by our young artists at the Creativity School.

bunny craft from a gift bag
toilet paper bunny craft
bunnies drawing on a sunny jungle
Artworks from Creativity School by Willie B. (top-left), Aryan K. (top-right), and Scarlett L. (bottom)

What other activities have you tried out for Easter/Spring? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download the FREE printable for a handy guide on how to draw our Easter bunny!

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