Cute Unicorn Painting - Easy Step by Step Guide for Kids

Make some magic with our easy unicorn painting tutorial!

Our step-by-step guide makes it easy for kids to follow along and create their own cute and magical unicorn. It's also a fantastic way to bond with your child and celebrate National Unicorn Day.

Enjoy and have fun painting!

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What is National Unicorn Day?

Flying unicorn graphics with flag of America cape and three stars around it

National Unicorn Day is a beautiful day to celebrate the magnificent, horned, colorful, and most popular mythical creature ever. 

The majestic unicorn is a famous symbol of joy, fantasy, and wonder. It is also an icon of life, of childhood dreams and a magical journey.

National Unicorn Day is your chance to express some unicorn love, so show some color and delve into the magnificence of unicorns with us!

When is National Unicorn Day 2021?

The National Unicorn Day is celebrated annually every April 8. 

Let's create our unicorn painting!

Completed unicorn painting

Unicorns are amazing mythical creatures that are fun to draw and paint!

Our good friend, Alex Leon, taught and demonstrated this step-by-step guide in one of our free classes at the Creativity School.

Watch our quick video tutorial and see how Alex used the basic shapes to draw the unicorn and how he mixed the acrylic paints and apply the brush strokes to complete a cute unicorn masterpiece.

This painting would make a perfect DIY unicorn paint activity to bond with your kids and the whole family!

Don’t forget to share your painting in our Creativity School Facebook Group!

Enjoy happy drawing and painting, young artists!


For drawing:

For painting:

    • black
    • white
    • yellow
    • red
    • gray
    • pink
    • green (optional)
  • A small container for water
  • 1 paper plate


How to Draw a Cute Unicorn (Overview)

Numbered instructions on how to draw a unicorn

How to Paint a Cute Unicorn (Overview)

Numbered instructions on how to paint a unicorn

Step By Step Instructions


Part 1: Drawing

Unicorn head drawn using a circle and muzzle drawn using straight and curved line

Step 1. Start by drawing the unicorn’s head.

Draw a circle for the head. For the muzzle, draw a straight line for the top part and a curved line for the bottom part.

Unicorn head with an eye, ear, and horn

Step 2. Draw the eye, ear, and horn.

Draw a curvy triangle for the eye. 

For the ear, draw a short upward curve at the top right part of the head, then a downward curve back.

For the horn, draw two slanted lines upward at the top left part of the head that meet to a point.

Unicorn head and the main body and legs drawn with an oval and rectangle variations

Step 3. Draw the body and the legs.

Draw a large bean shape for the body. 

For the legs, draw a variation of squares and rectangles below the body. This is to show the jointed parts in the legs.

unicorn head connected to the body using curved lines.

Step 4. Connect the head to the body using curved lines.

Partial unicorn drawing with tail

Step 5. Draw the tail.

Starting at the upper right part of the body, draw a long curve to the right. 

Make 2-3 pointed tips, then curve back up to the body.

Completed unicorn drawing

Step 6. Darken with a pencil the eyeball.

We only use a sketched fill for the eyeball since we will still apply the paint on our drawing.

Magnificent! You’ve done a good job drawing your cute unicorn! Let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions in painting your masterpiece.

Part 2: Painting

Unicorn drawing painted with light-yellowish white

Step 1. Paint the unicorn.

Instead of using pure white which is a little bit dull, we are going to use a light yellowish-white hue.

Add yellow and red paints to the white to produce the light yellowish-white combination. Blend the three little by little until you achieve your preferred hue.

Be careful not to add too much yellow or red!

Paint the whole body of the unicorn with our color mixture using a small round brush.

Step 2. Let’s paint the shadow!

If you do not have the gray paint, just mix two complementary colors (red and green, based on the materials list) to produce one.

Using upward strokes, paint the right-side legs with gray. Continue painting the space below the body with gray to make the shadow.

Paint the gray on the ground irregularly to show dimension.

Unicorn tail painted with pink

Step 3. Paint the tail.

For the purpose of this activity, paint the tail with pink.

If you do not have the pink paint, just mix white and red to produce one.

Unicorn hair is drawn and painted with pink

Step 4. Draw and paint the unicorn’s hair.

Using curved lines, draw the unicorn’s hair similar to the manner on how you drew the tail. 

After drawing, paint it with pink.

Unicorn eye detailed with black paint

Step 5. Paint the eye.

With a small round brush, paint the eyeball and outline the upper eyelid with black to make them stand out.

Unicorn horn painted with stripes; hair and tail texturized with orange pink

Step 6. Paint the horn and add shadings to the hair and tail.

Paint 3-4 pink stripes on the horn. 

To add shadings to the hair and tail, use a slightly darker pink. Add a little red paint and blend it evenly to the pink until you achieve your desired color.

Paint randomly with narrow curved lines the hair and the tail to add the shading.

Step 7. Paint the hoof.

Paint with a narrow black stripe the bottom part of the legs for the hooves.

unicorn hooves painted with black stripes

Step 8. Add a pink blush to your unicorn!


Abracadabra! What a magnificent magical unicorn!

Tips for art-mazing success:

  • Paint from right to left (right-handed) or right to left (left-handed) for smooth brushing!
  • You can always play with the proportions of the body.
  • You can use a black marker to highlight your unicorn drawing.
  • In painting the eye, do not outline everything to make it look darker.
  • Explore with other colors and create a rainbow unicorn!
  • Get extra crafty by adding cool materials like glitters or even stickers!

Here are some of the magical unicorn paintings created at the Creativity School by our young artists!

pink and blue unicorn painting
detailed painting of a dam and a young unicorn
painting of a pink unicorn with long, blue hair
painting of an orange unicorn wearing sunglasses

Artworks from Creativity School by Aldrine S, M. (top-left), Jade L. (top-right),
and Milli Q. (bottom-left), and Liv D.(bottom-right)

If you love unicorns and enjoyed this painting tutorial, share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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