Butterfly Art Using Positive and Negative Space, and Symmetry

As part of our National Craft Month celebrations, we're going to make another fun and simple craft.

Learn how to use positive and negative space, and symmetry, to create beautiful butterfly art!

These design concepts are important learning topics for kids and are fantastic ways to enhance certain feelings in any artwork.

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What is Positive and Negative Space in Art?

Silhouette of two people by the window

Positive space is where the drawing is actually positioned, while negative space is the area around it.

Artists use these concepts to enhance certain types of feelings in their work.

What is symmetry?

Series of shapes with line in the middle to show symmetry

Symmetry is when the image on the left is equal to the image on the right.

This butterfly art is a fun way to learn and practice this concept!

Ready. Set. Craft!


  • 2 pieces of construction papers of contrasting colors
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • 1 pencil
  • 1Eraser
  • X-acto knife (optional)


Orange rectangle with a broken line in the middle and a scissors icon on top

Step 1. Fold one of the construction papers in half, then cut along the crease.

Orange rectangle with half of head and body outline of a butterfly

Step 2. On one of the cut sides, draw the head with the antenna and the body.

Orange rectangle with half of a butterfly outline

Step 3. Draw the wings and add details.

Add inside shapes to the wings for beautiful imagery.

Graphical representation of cutting the butterfly outline with a pair of scissors

Step 4. Carefully cut the butterfly and the inside shapes (as indicated on the outline). 

To cut the inside shapes, bend the butterfly wing slightly, then take a snip with the scissors’ tip. 

You can also use an X-acto knife for easier cutting.

Graphical representation of background cutouts after cutting the butterfly.

Important Note: Do not throw all the background cutouts! We will use them to make the symmetry!

Orange cutouts shaped to a butterfly on the left of a green rectangle.

Step 5. On another piece of construction paper, arrange the background cutouts and shape them into a butterfly.

Symmetrical butterfly with contrasting foreground and background colors of orange and green.

Step 6. Arrange the butterfly cutouts on the other side to make the symmetry. Glue them altogether.

Wow! You’ve made a magnificent symmetrical butterfly!

Here are some colorful butterflies by our young artists at Creativity School.

Blue and yellow butterfly art with small circles and hearts
Purple and yellow butterfly art with hearts
Blue and yellow butterfly art
Artworks from Creativity School by Olivia K. (top-left), Wanyu L. (top-right), and Emika A. (bottom)

Tips for art-mazing success

  • This activity requires the use of scissors or X-acto knife, so ALWAYS TAKE EXTRA CARE in using them, or seek the supervision of an adult. ✂️❗
  • Use your imagination to create more beautiful patterns for the wings!
  • You can also explore other contrasting colors for your butterfly.
  • Create other designs you like using the artwork concepts we’ve learned today. Here are other designs from our young artists!
Shield art with contrasting colors of blue and red
Trees art with contrasting colors of green and light orange
Winnie the Pooh art with M at the bottom in contrasting colors of pink and green
Artworks from Creativity School by Curtis C. (top-left), Jay S-P. (top-right), and Marcus C. (bottom)

Did you have fun creating pretty butterflies with positive, negative space, and symmetry? Share your experience in the comment section below. 

Click here for more fun and creative art activities this National Craft Month!!

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