About the Creativity School Summer Camp 2022

You can get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase or after the first three days of the start of the Summer Camp, whichever is the later.

Yes. Please write to support@arree.com, and our customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Yes, each class size is limited. Each class is limited to 1000 attendendees. Some classes might be popular and fill up quickly. To get the class you want, register now rather than waiting. Families who enrolled first will get to register first. We'll send out the class registration form where you'll pick what class you want for each of the 5 weeks when it’s closer to Summer Camp start date. (Plus you'll save $50 with the Super Early Bird price.)
Yes! We would love to have your child join us for all the classes. It’s just $50 more to be enrolled into all the classes!
If your kids are doing the same classes, then only need the BASIC PASS. If you have one kid doing the Beginner Classes, and another one doing the Advanced Classes, you will need to purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS.

Yes! As part of your summer camp bundle, we're happy to give you access to the replays in your Thinkific account. Replays are available the same day and they will be downloadable for you to keep forever!

All participants will be in the same zoom room with the instructor. This gives them an opportunity to raise their hand and they have a chance to be called on. However, due to the size of our classes, we cannot guarantee that they will be. In fact, the chances are, they will not be. We want to set the proper expectations.

We want to make high-quality art lessons available to all. At $197 for five weeks of instruction (or $147 for Super Early Bird), five days a week, you'll agree it is extremely affordable. A smaller class size would cost hundreds of dollars and would not be accessible to all kids. Our moderators will try their best to make sure it’s a different child that’s being picked every time. However, it’ll still be impossible to go through everybody in the class.

There are two different classes offered every week: Beginner and Advanced. A BASIC PASS gets you one class per week, you can either choose Beginner or Advanced. An ALL ACCESS PASS gets you both the Beginner and the Advanced classes each week. You will get the recordings to ALL the classes even with the BASIC PASS. However, the ALL ACCESS PASS allows you to join all the classes LIVE.

Sharing accounts outside of your household is prohibited.

We have done our best to provide classes at a rate that is affordable for most families. We understand that during these times, it is still not in their price range. This is one of the reasons we offer a free week every month.

The summer creativity camp is only available as a bundle of classes. You'll get the replays for all 10 camps for just $197 (or $147 Super Early Bird price). The individual camps cannot be purchased separately.

All of the classes are recorded. You can always watch the replay if you can't attend the class live. They are always available the same day.

Yes, you can mix and match up to 5 classes, 1 per week. For example, you can take Figure Drawing (grades 3-12) in week 1 and Painting: My Town (K-2) in week 2. But you can not take both the Painting: My Town and Anime Drawing in week 2. You would need an ALL ACCESS PASS to do that.

The camp is held over 5 weeks, and is 5 days per week (or 6 days per week for advanced classes). There are 10-11 subjects to choose from. The entire program is just $197 ($147 with the super early bird discount).

They range any length from 45min to 1.5 hours. Most of the classes will be 1 hour long, with the Sight Word Draw Pictures class for K-2 being 45mins and the advanced painting and drawing classes being a bit over 1 hour long.

The name you choose at registration doesn't matter. You can change your name inside Thinkific and also the zoom screen name once you're in the room.

Yes, you can find the replays in your Thinkifc account.

Have you tried to unmark the email as spam and ensure that the filter was set to “never send to spam”? Also, there should not be a label on Gmail called “junk” unless you created that yourself and in which case if it was one you created then you can delete it. Unmark an email as spam.

To be eligible to win the homework challenge, homework should be posted in our Facebook group and/or on Instagram (_creativityschool_). In the Facebook group, you don't need to tag anyone. For Instagram you will  need to use the following hashtags:

#_creativityschool_ #creativityschool #creativity #kidscreativity #kidscreate #artist #kidartist #artwork #kidsartwork #kidsactivity #kidsactivities #creativekids #creative #artkids #kidsartclass #arteducation #kidsarts #activityforkids #activitiesforkids #funactivities #teachersareheros #homeschool #parenting #stayhomeactivitiesforkids #activityideasforkids #activityideas #summerboredom #teachersareheros #education #earlychildhoodeducation #educationprogram #summercamp #summercamp2021 #summercampforkids #arreechungcreativitycamp #arreechung @arreechung #hydihoeger @hydihoeger #beckykang2020 @beckykang2020 @_creativityschool_

Once you’ve made your choices, it is not guaranteed that you can switch sessions or courses as the spots might be taken. To check availability of courses, write us at support@arree.com

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